Wednesday, March 25, 2009

VLC Media Player

It never ceases to amaze me that most of the cross platform software that I've found has been, cross platform, free, and open source.

Sure, seems normal enough that if it's open source that it would also remain free, in fact before long you'll probably find the two words close by in a thesaurus. What with the whole idea that free doesn't always mean free as in free [insert object here] but rather that it means freedom for modification and distribution.

But as far as being cross platform goes, the differences between the platforms is quite extensive, sure they all have similarities at least in the *nix world.

I'm what a lot of, more technical, people might call a "newbie" or "noob" but that's not to say, that I've not had my fair share of fun, with experimenting between the different environments.

I've used multiple Linux distributions, almost all Windows versions, and I've recently purchased a Macintosh running OS X Leopard, as well as building most of my computers and recently upgrading the RAM in my Mac (that is a mini version 2,1) I guess my point is while they all have some similarities between the operation, and yes, especially with the *nix systems, the underlining systems, are inherently different.

This is evident by the fact that that you're not likely to just fire up a terminal and bash a .deb or .rpm file on an x86 Windows box, and you're also not likely to fire up your OS 1 through X and run a setup.exe executable. Without some sort of windows emulator - Crossover etc.

Oh, and as far as .app files good luck running that in Linux, or even unix for that matter.

They're different systems.

Enough, about platforms, though, today's topic is VLC.

It's cross platform meaning they've taken the work out of porting the application to your platform of choice, or, if you're like me and have a notebook running Linux, a Mac running well... Mac OS, and a Windows PC running well... okay, Windows. Then you're going to need it for all three.

Thankfully they've created the binaries for each platform that allow you to simply install and run this nifty program on any platform.

Supporting all the formats you know you need support for:
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • mpeg
  • ogg
  • wav
  • avi
  • m4a
  • mov
  • aac
  • aiff
  • asfBulleted List
  • flv
  • asx
  • divx
  • dv
  • flac
  • mod
  • vob
etc. and then a whole bunch that you didn't know you needed support for like:
  • MP1
  • MP2
  • m1v
  • m2ts
  • m2v
  • mka
  • mkv
  • mpeg1
  • mpeg2
  • mts
  • mxf
and many more.

Basically it can play your audio, video, and DVDs and doesn't require you to purchase any third party plug-ins, codecs, etc.

Granted, as with most things this powerful, I'm not sure it's won any awards for being the easiest to configure or even use for that matter, but if you're looking for an all in -one media player this may very well be your life saver.

If, you want something simpler, and you don't need it to be fully platform independent, (i.e. Windows or Mac is acceptable) then, best go with iTunes.

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