Thursday, March 19, 2009

Log Me In

Remote connection is the topic of the day, Log me in is the answer not only do they have a free version with almost as many features as you can imagine, it's totally free for an unlimited number of computers.
Fast and easy are the subjects people get caught up in when they're talking about remotely connecting to their computers and they're built right in to Logmein Free.
Of course, if you need remote sound and drag and drop file transfers there's always log me in pro. -eh, not free.
LogMeIn has also come around and introduced their Mac client as well as a client for PC's and in their labs they have a client for Linux systems with beta clients available for download making it truly cross-platform.
You may say why not just use some form of VNC client?
The answer is clear, Virtual Networking Computing may be fine for terminal use on a LAN (Local Area Network) where you only need a CLI or Command line interface, but for practical use on a WAN (Wide Area Network i.e. THE Internet) or a GUI (Graphical User Interface) the screen redraw is just too slow.
Not to mention the security and connectivity issues that you have to account for with VNC like how to actually gain access to the network of the computer you want to connect to.
By either:
  1.  Setting up a VPN tunnel
  2. Connecting to an existing Virtual Private Network to gain access to that computer.

Look for more on VNC and VPN in other posts.
Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

Hi, Josh.
Good post, but you didn`t mention logmein security vulnerabilities described here

Josh said...

Thanks for your comment, I understand that there are security risks involved so as with any site that you're entering personal information into or that may provide a door to your information it's imperative to validate the source, and to take every pre-caution.

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